Papercraft Animation for Philips

Coming soon is a paper animation me and Pete Brown have made for Philips Open Innovation Competition. Working with a hand on material like paper and then animating it digitally (Pete the hero) was a dream. Huge thanks to Kevin, Jo, Jane and the team at Philips for all your support on seeing through the …

Instagram Mania for Washed Out

 I was asked by Washed Out and Philips to create a social campaign to launch their new site The Sound of Creation. Pulling nine quotes from each of the sections from the site I created nine visual posts that would be launched on the Philips Sound facebook page.

MonsterBuild at Tooting Market

This was the set that I drew to model from. Heads, hands, feet, weapons, hills cloud and mountains. These guys had a ball! I received a brief to pitch a  project to go up for one night in Tooting Art Market so I approached Kate Innes and Henry Fraser to assist me. We drew up …

Secret Garden Party for Fudge

Off I go complete with new Lumix/Leica Lens Camera I painted Ionas hair the night before with Fudge paintbox pink flamingo. These girls were fanatastic, bumbags n all. launches in September and I went to SGP to take some photos of the hair that attended. SGP is famous for its crazy dressers, catsuits, …

The Bear and the Dinosaur.

I often forget how I need to keep drawing to stay sane and then suddenly I wake up weeks later and something is missing. It feels almost cyclical yet every time it happens I feel more ane more certain of what I love. This bear is the start of a new cycle  and next is …

Philips Timeline no 2

And here we have the second timeline photo for Philips, a more architectural response to sound which references the Philips Pavilion and the sharing capabilites of the philips Software through Spotify and wifi etc. Great fun to work with my watercolours again.

Poster for Jubilee Bake-Off

Beacause we are psyched for the long weekend. Because Peter Blake and Sagmeister turn me on and because I wanted to sit around piling together M n M’s and eat lumps of marzipan. photographed each element individually then wrote dirrectly onto printout before scanning in.

Bussey Building Roof Painting with Fruit Palace

Love those Fruit Palace boys. Udi and Harry once again put on an epic night and me and Dani brought some folks down to paint live whilst the sun set over London. Bussey Building big up, it nearly beats Franks bar. And thats saying something. So much more to come with FP. Bussey Building Fruit …

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Philips Timeline Cover Photo Illustration

Art Direction/Illustration for Philips Facebook Timeline. Here. Worked on this illustration for 3 days adding in all Philips iconic designs from the 60′s through till today and Kelly sent me over a pair of citiscape headphone, thanks Kelly. Working on the second on this week. Top 20 review.

RookieCreative Launch- Portobello

With a necklace borrowed from Beyond the Valley and a race to upload new arrows and buttons the unicorns rushed form the Grove End Road kitchen to portobello in stupid shoes to a wonderful champagne reception to witness the chic, heeled and spectacled gather to celebrate RookieCreatives launch. A proud moment for me and Chloe.

GROVE-END-ROAD== Home, Gallery,Theatre, Website 19th July 2011 come and witness me and Harriet try to orchestrate a night of fancy. A culmination of art, music and theatre. Me and Chloe at We Breed Unicorns decided to create a website for this pop up event. Simple concept each colour represents a section and each coloured box links to that …

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