Philips hue

brand, web

The Brief
To come up with a concept to launch a new website for Philips’ new lighting system. Philips hue combines brilliant LED light with intuitive technology. And it puts them both in the palm of your hand. 

I worked on the UX and the creative concept of the brand new site. We laid out all the content and started to reorganise it into different buckets of information relating to the customers relationship with the product ie potential customer, someone who has the product and someone who wants to be inspired or learn about other products. Due to the nature of the product ie bulbs that change colour to suit ones mood, we decided to allocate a different Philips based colour to each bucket of information. The homepage acted like a dashboard for us to display the most interesting an relevant content with its assigned colour showing which bucket it belongs to. The site is fully responsive and fully beautiful. With Darren Custance on design and Laurie Barraclough on copy we were a small team with a short deadline but the site is now live and has stayed true to our original vision. Thankyou Philips and Thank hue!

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